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Medical Care Center, LLC

Full Service and Convenient Medical Care
The Medical Care Center provides personalized medical care for you and your family in a manner you can’t find elsewhere.  As your first stop when you are feeling ill, as well as your regular health maintenance needs, the Medical Care Center can treat you for a wide range of health problems.  Whether you need treatment for the common cold, a work related injury, or a regular check-up, we can provide you with top-quality personalized care.  We have super convenient hours, including Saturdays, evenings, and early morning hours.  The Medical Care Center accepts all major private health plans, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Worker’s Compensation. 

Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, you can easily find us in the Reserve Square Building near the corner of East 12th and Superior Avenue (next to the Embassy Suites).  Located close to public transportation, we also have on-site parking (entrance on Chester Ave. at 13th Street) and are walking distance from most downtown locations.

BOTOX™ Treatments in Downtown Cleveland Ohio.
Achieve beautiful results with Cleveland, Ohio Botox injections!    The Medical Care Center is downtown Cleveland's first choice for Botox treatments.  

Botox has become the number one cosmetic treatment in the United States.  Botox is mostly used as an anti-wrinkling agent. This procedure includes injecting Botulinum Toxin Type A, or Botox, into a patient's forehead at several different sites.  Botox paralyses certain muscles that cause wrinkles, interrupting their contraction.  Wrinkles are typically reduced by 80%.The full results will be seen within a week and will last at least three months.  Side effects are mild, and often there is no interruption into daily life the day of the procedure.  Schedule a consultation with our doctors to learn more about these exciting age defying Botox procedures and determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.

We Are Available For You
We would like to be your doctor and provide you the personalized primary medical care you need.  Call our family friendly office today for an appointment at 216-621-5275 or email us any time at care@medical-care-center.com.

The Medical Care Center accepts all major medical insurance plans!   

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